PUT /users/{id}

Updates a user on the edoc system

Authentication and Authorisation

Requires API Access Token Requires Basic Authentication (Username/Password) Requires one of the following roles
True True BusinessAdministrator

Request Information


Name Source Description
id Part of the URI route path the edoc generated unique identifier of the user
userUpdate Part of the request HTTP body the updated user details

Parameter Properties

  • userUpdate
    • Email
      Email address for the user.
    • FullName
      Full name of the user.
    • Id
      edoc generated unique identifier for the user.
    • Roles
      The user's roles on edoc.

Request body formats

  "Email": "Example 1",
  "FullName": "Example 2",
  "Id": "aef0dcbb-126d-4548-91a5-18cd9e23a1fd",
  "Roles": [
<UserUpdate xmlns:i="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns="edoc">
  <Email>Example 1</Email>
  <FullName>Example 2</FullName>