PUT /sites/{id}

Updates a site of the authenticated business on the edoc system

Authentication and Authorisation

Requires API Access Token Requires Basic Authentication (Username/Password) Requires one of the following roles
True True BusinessAdministrator

Request Information


Name Source Description
id Part of the URI route path the edoc generated unique identifier of the site
siteUpdate Part of the request HTTP body the updated site details

Parameter Properties

  • siteUpdate
    • Active
      Indicates whether the site is active or not.
      Remarks: True by default, false implies not to be used in matches or suggestions.
    • Address
      Address of the site.
      Remarks: Mandatory.
      • Country
        Country of the address.
        Remarks: Mandatory for WTN submission.
      • LocalAuthorityArea
        Local authority area of the address
      • Line1
        First line of the address.
        Remarks: Mandatory.
      • Line2
        Second line of the address.
      • Line3
        Third line of the address.
      • Postcode
        Postcode of the address.
        Remarks: Mandatory.
    • EnvironmentalPermit
      Environmental permit for the site.
      • PermitNumber
        Number of the Environmental Permit.
    • ExemptionPermit
      Waste exemption permit for the site.
      • ExpiryDate
        Expiry date of the Exemption Permit
      • PermitNumber
        Number of the Exemption Permit
    • Id
      edoc generated unique identifier for the site.
    • KeepRecordsForLandfillTaxPurposes
      Indicating whether to keep records for this site for landfill tax purposes.
    • Name
      Name of the site.
      Remarks: Mandatory.
    • ParentSiteId
      edoc generated unique identifier for the parent site.
    • SicCode
      The SIC 2007 code for the site.
    • SignatureRequiredNotificationEmailAddresses
      Email addresses to be notified when a signature is required on a waste transfer note.
    • Size
      The size of the site.
    • TransferRecordAmendedNotificationEmailAddresses
      Email addresses to be notified when a waste transfer note is amended.

Request body formats

  "Active": true,
  "Address": {
    "Country": "England",
    "LocalAuthorityArea": "Bath and North East Somerset",
    "Line1": "High Street",
    "Line2": "Bath",
    "Line3": "Somerset",
    "Postcode": "BA1 1AA"
  "EnvironmentalPermit": {
    "PermitNumber": "Example 1"
  "ExemptionPermit": {
    "ExpiryDate": "2019-08-18T00:00:00+00:00",
    "PermitNumber": "Example 1"
  "Id": "1eaf9bad-9826-44b6-9a47-fa75b76ac415",
  "KeepRecordsForLandfillTaxPurposes": true,
  "Name": "Example 3",
  "ParentSiteId": "19b7cd0f-5d8e-4e78-a9cf-1e4b9f2821bd",
  "SicCode": "Example 5",
  "SignatureRequiredNotificationEmailAddresses": [
  "Size": "OneToNine",
  "TransferRecordAmendedNotificationEmailAddresses": [
<Site xmlns:i="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns="edoc">
    <Line1>High Street</Line1>
    <LocalAuthorityArea>Bath and North East Somerset</LocalAuthorityArea>
    <Postcode>BA1 1AA</Postcode>
    <PermitNumber>Example 1</PermitNumber>
    <PermitNumber>Example 1</PermitNumber>
  <Name>Example 3</Name>
  <SicCode>Example 5</SicCode>
  <SignatureRequiredNotificationEmailAddresses xmlns:d2p1="http://schemas.microsoft.com/2003/10/Serialization/Arrays">
  <TransferRecordAmendedNotificationEmailAddresses xmlns:d2p1="http://schemas.microsoft.com/2003/10/Serialization/Arrays">