POST /waste-transfers/{id}/signatures/username-pin

Signs a waste transfer note with a username and PIN

Authentication and Authorisation

Requires API Access Token Requires Basic Authentication (Username/Password) Requires one of the following roles
True True TransferManager

Request Information


Name Source Description
id Part of the URI route path The edoc unique identifier of the waste transfer note.
usernameAndPin Part of the request HTTP body The signing user's username and PIN

Parameter Properties

  • usernameAndPin
    • SignaturePin
      The pin for signing the note
      Remarks: Mandatory.
    • Username
      Unique username of the user signing the note.
      Remarks: Mandatory.
    • SignatureRole
      Role of the signatory.
      Remarks: Mandatory.
    • WasteHierarchyNotAppliedReason
      The reason waste hierarchy not applied.
      Remarks: Optional.

Request body formats

  "SignaturePin": "Example 1",
  "Username": "Example 2",
  "SignatureRole": "Transferor",
  "WasteHierarchyNotAppliedReason": "Example 3"
<UsernameAndPinSignatureInput xmlns:i="" xmlns="edoc">
  <WasteHierarchyNotAppliedReason>Example 3</WasteHierarchyNotAppliedReason>
  <SignaturePin>Example 1</SignaturePin>
  <Username>Example 2</Username>