POST /sites

Creates a new site for the current business.

Authentication and Authorisation

Requires API Access Token Requires Basic Authentication (Username/Password) Requires one of the following roles
True True BusinessAdministrator

Request Information


Name Source Description
site Part of the request HTTP body The site.

Parameter Properties

  • site
    • Active
      Indicates whether the site is active or not.
      Remarks: True by default, false implies not to be used in matches or suggestions.
    • Address
      Address of the site.
      Remarks: Mandatory.
      • Country
        Country of the address.
        Remarks: Mandatory for WTN submission.
      • LocalAuthorityArea
        Local authority area of the address
      • Line1
        First line of the address.
        Remarks: Mandatory.
      • Line2
        Second line of the address.
      • Line3
        Third line of the address.
      • Postcode
        Postcode of the address.
        Remarks: Mandatory.
    • EnvironmentalPermit
      Environmental permit for the site.
      • PermitNumber
        Number of the Environmental Permit.
    • ExemptionPermit
      Waste exemption permit for the site.
      • ExpiryDate
        Expiry date of the Exemption Permit
      • PermitNumber
        Number of the Exemption Permit
    • Id
      edoc generated unique identifier for the site.
    • KeepRecordsForLandfillTaxPurposes
      Indicating whether to keep records for this site for landfill tax purposes.
    • Name
      Name of the site.
      Remarks: Mandatory.
    • ParentSiteId
      edoc generated unique identifier for the parent site.
    • SicCode
      The SIC 2007 code for the site.
    • SignatureRequiredNotificationEmailAddresses
      Email addresses to be notified when a signature is required on a waste transfer note.
    • Size
      The size of the site.
    • TransferRecordAmendedNotificationEmailAddresses
      Email addresses to be notified when a waste transfer note is amended.

Request body formats

  "Active": true,
  "Address": {
    "Country": "England",
    "LocalAuthorityArea": "Bath and North East Somerset",
    "Line1": "High Street",
    "Line2": "Bath",
    "Line3": "Somerset",
    "Postcode": "BA1 1AA"
  "EnvironmentalPermit": {
    "PermitNumber": "Example 1"
  "ExemptionPermit": {
    "ExpiryDate": "2019-08-18T00:00:00+00:00",
    "PermitNumber": "Example 1"
  "Id": "b43d9112-c750-4cf7-96e4-c586d6aeb4f8",
  "KeepRecordsForLandfillTaxPurposes": true,
  "Name": "Example 3",
  "ParentSiteId": "b5a040a9-b0a7-461e-ae66-c489021a823c",
  "SicCode": "Example 5",
  "SignatureRequiredNotificationEmailAddresses": [
  "Size": "OneToNine",
  "TransferRecordAmendedNotificationEmailAddresses": [
<Site xmlns:i="" xmlns="edoc">
    <Line1>High Street</Line1>
    <LocalAuthorityArea>Bath and North East Somerset</LocalAuthorityArea>
    <Postcode>BA1 1AA</Postcode>
    <PermitNumber>Example 1</PermitNumber>
    <PermitNumber>Example 1</PermitNumber>
  <Name>Example 3</Name>
  <SicCode>Example 5</SicCode>
  <SignatureRequiredNotificationEmailAddresses xmlns:d2p1="">
  <TransferRecordAmendedNotificationEmailAddresses xmlns:d2p1="">